Low Breastmilk Supply

Many breastfeeding women want to know how to increase breast milk supply at some point whilst breastfeeding. But firstly, it’s important to make sure that you actually do have a low milk supply, because there are many incorrect assumptions made.

The main indicators of milk supply are weight gain and nappy output. You may hear people say that ‘babies should be settled after a feed’ but some babies get wind or need to poo or have reflux, or wake up and want second helpings…weight gain and nappies are always more reliable indicators of breastmilk supply.

For the vast majority of women, there is nothing wrong with their ability to produce enough milk. However, the underlying cause of many supply problems is poor latch or scheduled feeds, resulting in low milk supply. The good news is, this can so easily be rectified.

If you suspect you may have issues with latch, or even if you’re not sure, seeking the advice of an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant like me can be very helpful. I can observe and diagnose a breastfeeding issue problem very quickly, and set you back on the path of successful breastfeeding. Please also see ‘steps to improve the breastfeeding latch‘.