My Baby Isn’t Gaining Weight

Before I can suggest strategies to improve weight gain, I’ll need to determine the cause(s) of slow weight gain, which can usually be found in the the 3 following areas:

  1. Breastfeeding dynamics: Is baby latched into the breast deeply? Is baby breastfeeding at least 8 times each day, actively sucking, and staying on the breast until done? Are you using dummies/pacifiers? Are you reading your baby’s feeding cues, or are you scheduling the feeds? Are you perhaps offering your baby water inbetween breastfeeds which can delay or replace breastfeeding?
  2. Baby’s anatomy and health: Is baby breastfeeding ineffectively due to unusual anatomy or a health problem?
  3. Mother’s health and milk production: Are you producing the volume of milk your baby needs?
    • Do you have a history of Polycystic ovary syndrome, or other hormonal challenges?
    • Are you taking medication that may reduce the breastmilk supply?
    • Have you had breast surgery?

A thorough knowledge of your medical history, together with an observation of you and your baby breastfeeding will allow me to diagnose the cause, and put in place a management plan to get your baby climbing the appropriate centile in your red Child health record book.

Please see ‘steps to improve your latch‘ and please ask for help sooner rather than later.