My Baby Won’t Latch

In a newborn, reluctance to latch may be because something is missing, such as:

  • The feel of the mother’s body against them to trigger their inborn feeding behaviours
  • The chance to go to the breast and take it in their own time
  • The feeling of the breast deeply in their mouth
  • A firm protruding nipple

Improving technique may help overcome this reluctance. When your baby is not too hungry, get into a comfortable, laid-back position with your breast accessible, and let your baby go to your breast on his own. The website of Dr Suzanne Colson has a great explanation of ‘laid back breastfeeding’.

Also please also look at my advice re: ‘steps to improve the breastfeeding latch‘.

A one-to-one consultation with a lactation consultant will provide you with bespoke strategies to overcome your difficulties.